Raining Pet Rope Leash Review

About Raining Pet

Raining Pet is a new and small company. They only sell this leash and the harness combination which come together as a package. Since I tested a similar harness before, in this review I focused on the leash which has a unique, padded handle.

Raining Pet Rope Leash Review

The interesting part of this leash is the handle - I was the most interested in testing the sponge looking material that covers it.

From looking at the pictures of the leash, I assumed the padding will be a soft sponge which soaks in the water and will start falling apart after a few weeks. After using it for 6 weeks for almost every walk (that's a lot of walks - just saying), I am truly impressed with the material. It is soft but more like rubber than sponge - although it's probably in between these two. After many walks and long hikes, the handle still looks the same which is impressive!

My only problem with the handle is the strong plastic smell that stayed on my hand after every walk - even after washing my hands. After a few weeks, it got better but you can still smell it.

To test my second concern, I tested how the handle does with water. You can find the video of the test on our Instagram page but the summary is that it did not soak in ANY water! This is also great because after a muddy hike, you can just rinse the handle and it will look perfect.

The bottom of the handle is covered with a plastic piece which is more there for the design than for functionality reasons. The plastic piece is fixed in place with some glue but after a walk on a hot day, it just let the plastic piece go. Well, it's not a big issue since the two parts of the leash is sewed together there and you can just push & glue the plastic piece back but it's something to mention.

The leash has a nice carabiner: easy to open but durable. The only issue here is the same that you can experience with almost all colored carabiners: the paint will get scratched easily.

I like that the carabiner is small enough to be comfortably used even on the front, no-pull rings.

The rope material of the leash is durable and I haven't seen any sign of wear on that so far. The white pattern on the rope is reflective which makes it visible at night.

Review summary

To summarize, this is a good quality leash - besides the glue used to fix the plastic cover parts on the leash.

I am impressed with the material of the holder, that sponge/rubber cover is a great addition and it makes walking the dog much comfier if your dog pulls or you have sensitive hands.

Where to buy

You can buy the harness and leash together on Amazon. The harness comes in four sizes so check out the size guide before ordering one!

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