NOBO Pets Stink-Proof Collar and Rope Leash Review

About Nobo Pets

We usually have a short introduction here about the company, but we loved NOBO Pet's story on their website so much that we felt this is the perfect summary of their mission:

“…I quickly realized that in my haste leaving the house, I completely forgot to grab a poop bag. Trying to stop the inevitable, I shouted, “No Bo! NOBO!” but it was too late. I glanced sheepishly over my shoulder to see approaching walkers staring right at me. My only option was to grab a feeble twig and try to flick the mess off the trail. It was in this demoralized moment of pain and embarrassment the light bulb for the NOBO Leash blinked on.”

Review of the NOBO Leash

As you probably guessed from the intro, the NOBO leash is unique because it has a built-in poop bag holder! You could say that there are many options on the market to attach a poop bag holder to the leash, but all of those flap around while this is a very well made, sturdy design right on the leash.

They sell their own biodegradable poop bag rolls that perfectly fit the holder, but you can try using other brands. Usually, this requires removing approximately half of the bags to make the roll fit in the holder, but that depends on the bags you buy.

Below you see a poop bag roll we usually purchase on the left for comparison, while the green one is from NONO Pets.

The NOBO poop bag rolls also have a different core that allows using the holder's retract function smoothly: if you accidentally pull out too many bags, you can quickly retract the bags by turning the holder's bottom.

The other cool function of the leash is that you can easily open and lock the loop at the end to tie the leash around something if you have to wait somewhere. You can also easily attach the leash to your backpack or waist belt when hiking, so you can quickly switch to a hands-free leash if you want to. I was concerned first that the loop might pop open by itself, but we never had a problem with it.

The leash has a lightweight, big carabiner with a screw-lock (the red part that rotates to fix the carabiner). The safety lock is easy to spin to close or open, which is excellent on the one hand, but it also slowly closes by itself when you walk. It's only weird because it would also slowly rotate and lock while hiking off-leash, and I have the leash across my shoulders. It can be awkward when you quickly want to leash the dog, but first, you have to open up the safety lock. We never had it loosen up, though, while using it, which would be a bigger problem.

Another funny experience is that the carabiner sometimes turns around while wearing the leash around my shoulders.

Sometimes I stood there, looking confused after quickly leashing Mia because the carabiner was attached to the loop with the poop bag holder, and I was holding the bare end of the leash. This isn't a big problem, but it would be nice to have a smaller loop on the leash where the carabiner goes through to avoid rotation.

The big carabiner is easy to use even if you wear gloves during the winter. It is lightweight but relatively big, though, works best with a bigger ring on the collar.

The rope leash itself is pretty and sturdy, and it is much lighter than it looks. It is 6 feet long, and as of today, it comes in 6 colors. Due to the big carabiner and the leash's sturdy design, it works best for medium-large dogs.

Review of the Stink-proof NOBO Collar

What makes this collar unique is the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating, which gives its smooth texture. It also makes it waterproof, stink-proof, and durable! It's perfect for dogs who like to swim and get muddy all the time. You can just rinse the collar when you get home, and it will look like new!

When writing this review, the collar comes in two colors, the one in the review is called the “Rockies Blue,” featuring mountains.

The collar has a plastic snap release buckle and a black coated D-ring for the leash.

The collar only comes in one size now, although NOBO Pets are planning to come out with additional sizes in the future. It is adjustable between 16 and 22 inches (40-56 cm), which works for medium and large dogs. It is just small enough for Mia when tightening all the way.

It is a very cool-looking and sturdy collar that's perfect for muddy hikes or if your dog swims regularly.

Where to buy

You can buy all their products through their website. They have excellent customer service: offering a 30 days refund/return window and help you repair your broken leash if you would run into any issues.

For reference, Mia's leash is the “Viszla Red,” and the collar is the “Rockies Blue.”

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