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About KaiPets

KaiPets is a new pet accessory brand on the market whose first product is the boots we just tested! When writing this review, they are only available through Amazon.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

Do dogs need boots?

Many owners think dogs never need boots, while many believe it is necessary for all dogs. Like with every other gear, the answer is: it depends.

Different boots can be used for various reasons, such as protecting the paws on hot or very cold pavement or preventing the paws from drying out while walking on salted roads over the winter. Many also use them on icy snow when the dog’s paws would get cuts or in powdery snow if it tends to get stuck between the toes. It can also be used inside if a dog has arthritis or slides around a lot on the floor.

Some dogs are just more sensitive than others, so you have to know your dog and see how they can handle different terrain and temperatures.

We wrote an article about things to keep in mind when using boots on hikes over the summer since there are just as many pros as cons around the topic. We also have another article on the different types of winter boots, the differences between summer vs. winter boots, and much more. If you want to read more on the subject, check these out under our Articles page!

What size of boots does my dog need?

The best is always to follow the sizing guide on the product site. Measuring your dog’s paws is the easiest if you put their feet on a paper, lift the opposite leg to put weight on the leg you are trying to measure, and draw lines on both sides of the paw. You can measure the distance on the paper later without stressing the dog with it.

It is always recommended to measure all paws! Commonly, the front paws are wider than the back ones, but the opposite can also be true for some dogs.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

You have to figure out how tight and snug they have to be for the optimal fit. Many think that leaving the straps looser or ordering one size bigger will make the boots comfier for the dog, but if you have ever tried to hike in oversized boots, you know it’s not true. If the paws are sliding around in the shoes, the dog will lose balance much easier, and the boots will chafe their paws much faster, so you want to measure it as precisely as possible.

The details of the KaiPets Boots

The KaiPets Boots are designed to be versatile, 4-season boots to be worn in different conditions.

They have a rigid, non-slip rubber sole for protection on rough trails. The top is made of a combination of PU leather and stain-resistant synthetic suede. The inside is lined with fleece to prevent chafing and provide extra warmth during the cold winter walks.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

They are held in place by two adjustable velcro straps. The top one doubles as a reflective stripe for visibility in the dark. There are also two more small reflective details on the front of each boot.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

The boots are waterproof to keep the paws dry on muddy hikes or in melting snow.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

KaiPets Boots Review

The KaiPets Boots are well-made, solid boots that feel durable. The leather front reinforces the boot for rocky trails above the tree line, which protects the paws and the claws and extends the boots’ lifetime.

The boots are easy to put on with their wide opening and can be adjusted well with the two straps. When we tested similar boots before, sooner or later, we ran into the velcro straps opening up when dirt accumulated in the velcro. This is also more prone to happen when there are no left and right boots (like in the case of these boots) since the opposite leg can brush against the end of the velcro strap, slowly opening it up. We haven’t used these boots long enough due to the summer heat to properly test for these scenarios, but we will update the review if we have any input on the straps.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

Although the boots are meant to be 4-season boots, the fleece lining and waterproof design don’t make them ideal for extended use over hot days. Dogs sweat on their paws, so the inside of the boots becomes moist after a while, which can cause chafing and rubbing. Since they are not breathable, they keep the dirt and water out well, but they also prevent the dog from cooling down through their paws.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

When writing the review, the boots are available in five sizes, but they will offer seven sizes soon to cater to all dogs. The shoes come in a set of fours, so one might need to order two complete sets if the dog’s back paws need a smaller size.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

We tested sizes 4-6 to see what fits Mia the best and help KaiPets clear up the pre-launch sizing chart. Mia needed size 5 for the front paws, and the back ones were between size 4 and 5. For dogs in between sizes, these boots can crease more on the top than other options on the market because the suede top is soft and doesn’t hold its shape, as well as a more rigid material would. The extra material on the top could cause chafing if used over a more extended period, so be sure to flatten out and “fold” the excess fabric on the top when securing it with the straps if this seems to be a problem for your dog.

Below you see some creasing, and in other photos, you can see it well-fitting and flat when flattened out before securing the straps.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

These boots are a solid choice when your dog needs protection from glass, thorns, and sharp rocks. The solid rubber sole is thick enough for protection and has a non-slip detail to provide some grip. However, remember that dogs lose grip when wearing boots with a solid bottom, so be careful using them on steep, slippery trails.

The fleece lining and the suede top are a great choice to add padding and reduce the chance of rubbing, but the combination of the rigid leather top and the rubber sole with the soft suede causes the boots to hold their shape a little less if they are not a perfect fit for the paws.

KaiPets Boots Review | Dog Gear Review

Where to buy?

You can find the KaiPets Boots on Amazon.

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