Julius-K9 Premium Jogging Leash

About Julius-K9

Julius-K9 started as a small, Hungarian family business in 1997, and since then, they sold more than 7 million products - many to police units and for service dogs. They are also one of the few companies that do extensive testing on their products and conduct researches to understand better what works best for the dogs.

Julius-K9 Premium Jogging Leash Review

The Premium Jogging Leash is a heavy-duty bungee leash which comes in two colors (red & yellow) and in two lengths. The shorter one is 4 feet (130 cm) long which can extend to 5.6 feet (172 cm) while the longer one is 6.6 feet (2 m) long - extending to 9.8 feet (3 m). The shorter version is recommended for running or hiking, while the longer one is better for cycling or cross-country skiing. Always keep the elasticity of the leash in mind when holding the dog back on the roadside or in other dangerous situation!

The leash is made from a firm material, no padding on the handle which makes it easy to keep it dry and clean but can also be hard on your hand at the end of a long hike or run if you don't have a canicross belt to attach to.

There is no additional ring on the handle to secure the leash around your waist if you switch to off-leash but you can make it fit into the carabiner with forcing it a little bit.

We used this leash for running and hiking and on most parts, it still looks like new. There are some parts on the sides where the thread loosened but you have to look close to find these.

Our other finding is that the different sides of the leash stretch differently. I guess it has rubber threads inside the leash and some stretch more than the others which results the leash to curl when it's not pulled. On the photos below I tried to lay the leash out flat but this is the closest I got. This isn't a functionality problem but something to mention.

Julius-K9 Premium Jogging Leash vs Non-stop Dogwear Bungee Leash Pro

Some of you already asked about the differences between this leash and the Non-stop Dogwear Bungee Leash Pro since they look really similar so I wanted to compare them in the review.

I would say the elasticity of the two leashes is basically the same. Both of them absorbs the shock well thus are great for canicross or for other pulling sports. The outside material of the two leashes are slightly different: the Non-stop leash is a little thicker and the outside material is softer, less dense than the one from Julius-K9. Looking at the outside material of the two leashes now, I would say that the Julius leash looks more durable so far but I probably used the Non-stop leash a little more lately so I might update this later.

To summarize: you will not go wrong with either of them, they are similar but not exactly the same.

Review summary

Great and durable leash which absorbs the sock perfectly while running or hiking.

Where to buy

You can buy all Julius-K9 products on their website and can probably also find retailers and stores in your country. When publishing this review, the leash is not available in the US yet but should be soon!

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