Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review

About Canelana

Canelana has a wide range of products from (human) training vests, mittens, wool sweaters, jackets to wool dog coats, beds, and mattresses. The products we received from them were very well-made, high-quality. Their customer support also made working with them a great experience!

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

About the Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges

Canelana offers a few different beds for different scenarios. The “Wool Bed with Raised Edges” is meant to be an indoor bed, providing comfort with its raised edges.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

The bed has a machine washable cover, which is easy to remove with the zipper running along the entire edge of the side of the bed.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

The bed is padded and has a “pillow” for the thicker edge. The padding of the center is thick enough to provide comfort for the joints, but it is not an overly soft, memory foam-type bed.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review

This bed is surprisingly lightweight compared to the memory foam beds we have tested lately, which makes carrying or storing it very easy.

Many think that dogs enjoy as much padding as possible, but Mia often prefers to sleep on a firmer bed for some reason. The thinner mattress can also be more comfortable for dogs with joint pain who are not comfortable stepping on a too soft, unstable surface anymore.

The sides have more padding, while the center foam in our bed is around 2 cm (0.8 inches) thick.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

Mia appreciates that this bed has edges and sleeps with her head resting on the sides almost every time. These side pillows are soft, so if you want to fit the bed in a crate or into a small corner, they can be easily squished in.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

A significant advantage of wool is that it is far less likely to be static than other materials. The air is dry in our apartment over the winter, and many times I saw and heard Mia sparking when walking off the other beds that made her uncomfortable. This was never a problem with this bed! As a result, there is also less hair getting stuck to the material than with other beds.

Many think that wool is a sensitive material and is hard to keep clean, but it is actually odor-resistant, and most of the dirt is easy to shake off from the surface. My only concern is that this bed doesn’t have a waterproof liner covering the mattress. Wool itself is pretty resistant against mold and dries quickly, but I’m not sure the same is true for the inner foam if it would get wet unnoticed.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

Thoughts on Wool

Since we started testing Canelana’s products, I also spent some time looking into the advantages and concerns around using wool to get the whole picture.⁠ ⁠ I believe that wool is an excellent material to move towards in the clothing industry since it is renewable and biodegradable. Our society creates an incredible amount of waste by using synthetic materials, so I believe cutting that wherever we can is a great idea.⁠ ⁠ When buying wool products, the biggest concern is how the wool is sourced and how the animals were kept and treated. Canelana produces all its products in Poland, and the wool is bought from various sources: mainly from Germany, Poland, and Estonia. Their supplier also indirectly buys New Zealand and South American wool from a German broker. All of these countries are EU members and under EU laws and regulations for all aspects of production, including animal welfare.⁠ As a note to address the primary concern of most, as far as I know, Australia is the only country where mulesing is used, and Canelana does not use wool from a source where this is accepted. ⁠ ⁠ I know animal farms’ reality is still far from a happy sheep’s ideal life, and I will not pretend that this isn’t a problem. On the other hand, using synthetic materials and contributing to the microplastic pollution isn’t ideal either.⁠ While we could debate this much longer, I just wanted to point out that making environmentally friendly and ethical buying decisions is never as easy as one would think before looking into all aspects of a product.

We just want to give you as much information on Canelana’s products as we can, so you can make an informed decision based on all the facts on hand.

Here is some additional information about the dyeing process from Canelana’s supplier:

“We buy wool after washing or sweating, which we further wash and dye in the process. The company that performs these services has certificates and also uses appropriate agents and dyes that are friendly to the environment and to humans because of the direct contact of woolen products with human skin, but also in contact with animals. Production takes place at two carding departments where the woolen tape is prepared and knitting where the material is produced. These processes are mechanical, and no chemicals are used. Only the stabilization process in the final stage requires gluing the fabric “stiffening” with textile glue. The dyeing process is absolutely non-toxic, and the dyes used by the service provider do not contain harmful substances.”

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review


This bed is well-made, packable, and provides excellent comfort to the dogs. The unique wool outer layer makes it more or less anti-static, breathable, and odor-resistant, which are all great features for a bed!

If your dog needs more joint support while sleeping or needs a waterproof layer, this bed is probably not the ideal choice for you, but we highly recommend everyone else to look into this bed!

Where to buy

You can buy all their products on their website. The bed comes in five sizes and two colors (black and grey).

Mia’s bed is the 80/100 size, which is a very comfortable fit for her.

Canelana Wool Bed with Raised Edges Review | Dog Gear Review

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