Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review

About Canelana

Canelana has a wide range of products from (human) training vests, mittens, wool sweaters, jackets to wool dog coats, beds, and mattresses. All of the products we received were very well-made, high-quality and their customer support also made working with them a great experience!

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

The details of the Canelana Lana Wool Coat

The Lana coat is the thinner version of the identically designed Ambassador Wool Coat that we reviewed already. Thus the details and the reviews of these two coats will be very similar, but I will go through everything here again in case someone is reading this review first.

The Lana coat is a well-fitting coat with multiple adjustment points and two elastic straps with buckles to keep the coat on the dog.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

This coat is made of organic merino wool. While wool is neither wind nor waterproof, it keeps the dog warm and cozy even if it gets wet due to the tiny air pockets that create a thermal barrier. Besides, wool has excellent breathability that helps regulate body temperature. It's also non-static, which is amazing because that tends to be an issue for us when taking the coat off on the dry winter days.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

The coat has elastic straps with buckles to keep the coat in place, and there are multiple adjustment points for the ideal fit.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

The edges of the coat are reinforced for durability, but otherwise, this coat is wool inside-out!

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review

This coat was designed to keep the dog warm while waiting between training sessions. This is especially important if you do a sport with short but high-intensity runs, so your dog has to quickly switch between sleeping in the car for an hour and running around. Keeping the muscles and joints warm can help prevent injuries, although it doesn't replace the need to warm up, cool down, and stretch the dog.

Mia tends to get cold if she has to wait in the car, and this coat kept her warm during many trainings. When it was truly freezing, I used the thicker Ambassador coat but switched to the Lana coat over the early spring weeks when the mornings and nights are still chilly. These are the days when the weather is nice as long as you move around or you are in the sun, so it's easy to forget that dogs can still get chilly while waiting in the car in the shade.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

The design of this coat and all the adjustment points still impress me. The Lana coat has the same design as the Ambassador and Thermo coats but both of those are bulkier. It is much more visible with the Lana coat how this design can truly fit the dog like a glove. It provides excellent coverage around the chest and the ribcage, with the broad belly band creating a double layer of insulation where dogs usually lose most heat.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

This above-mentioned belly band also has a large velcro panel, so it's super easy to attach. The elastic loop and buckle from the chest piece also go over this section, so it stays in place nicely even when you already had some dog hair getting stuck in the velcro.

There is also a second elastic strap with a buckle under the dog's belly, which is meant to hold the coat's back. On Mia, this wasn't holding much even when fastened as much as possible because she has a skinny waist, so the loop was still loose. It probably still helps to stabilize the coat when the dog runs around. It also prevents the wind from flipping up the back - but again, this coat isn't meant to be used in freezing wind anyways. I usually did not use that strap to make it easier to take it off when I got Mia out of the car.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

One of my favorite thing about the Canelana coats is the elastic loop at the back that lets you tighten the material around the hips. With this, you can make it basically a custom-fit and keep the cold away from the hip area. You can tighten it even more than it is shown in the photo below.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Another cool feature of wool coats is that odors don't stick to them as much. Since we used this between trainings, sometimes Mia was wet and muddy when putting on the coat, and after using it many times, it still doesn't smell at all. When it's time to clean the coat, you can put it in the washing machine (but use only a wool program and wool detergent!).

While wool insulates better when wet, we still wouldn't recommend it for hiking/rainy walks because mud and dirt would have an easy time sticking to it. This is just an aesthetic issue, but this is not a material that you have an easy time brushing clean later. Getting caught on something in the woods could also be a concern, although we haven't tested how durable it is to withstand dense bushes. We did leave it on Mia when we stopped for a quick walk in dry weather, but this coat wouldn't be my first pick on muddy days.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Sizing Tips

As a sizing reference, Mia's coat is M/L, recommended for back lengths of 48 cm measured by Canelana's guide. As a note to help you pick the right size: in this case, 48 cm is not the entire length of the coat – it is from the closing around the neck to THE MIDDLE of the incision back. The end of the coat is 10 cm longer, so measure the back lengths based on their graphics! Mia's back is around 55-56 cm, so I almost went with the bigger size. Luckily the Canelana Team helped me out with sizing, and the coat fits Mia perfectly!

Another note on sizing: since it has a broad belly band, if your MALE dog is between sizes, you might want to consider going with the smaller size to make sure it fits well all around ;) For females, it's better to be a little too long than too short.

Checking Dog Coats with a Thermal Camera

We wrote an article checking 12 coats (including this one) with a thermal camera to see the insulation capabilities of different materials and coat designs. If you want to learn more about our findings, click here to read the article!

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Thoughts on Wool

Since we started testing Canelana's products, I also spent some time looking into the advantages and concerns around using wool to get the full picture.⁠ ⁠ I believe that wool is an excellent material to move towards in the clothing industry since it is renewable and biodegradable. Our society creates an incredible amount of waste by using synthetic materials, so I believe cutting that wherever we can is a great idea.⁠ ⁠ When buying wool products, the biggest concern is how the wool is sourced and how the animals were kept and treated. Canelana produces all its products in Poland, and the wool is bought from various sources: mainly from Germany, Poland, and Estonia. Their supplier also indirectly buys New Zealand and South American wool from a German broker. All of these countries are EU members and under EU laws and regulations for all aspects of production, including animal welfare.⁠ As a note to address the primary concern of most, as far as I know, Australia is the only country where mulesing is used, and Canelana does not use wool from a source where this is accepted. ⁠ ⁠ I know animal farms’ reality is still far from a happy sheep's ideal life, and I will not pretend that this isn't a problem. On the other hand, using synthetic materials and contributing to the microplastic pollution isn't ideal either.⁠ While we could debate this much longer, I just wanted to point out that making environmentally friendly and ethical buying decisions is never as easy as one would think before looking into all aspects of a product.

We just want to give you as much information on Canelana’s products as we can, so you can make an informed decision based on all the facts on hand.

Here is some additional information about the dyeing process from Canelana’s supplier:

“We buy wool after washing or sweating, which we further wash and dye in the process. The company that performs these services has certificates and also uses appropriate agents and dyes that are friendly to the environment and to humans because of the direct contact of woolen products with human skin, but also in contact with animals. Production takes place at two carding departments where the woolen tape is prepared and knitting where the material is produced. These processes are mechanical, and no chemicals are used. Only the stabilization process in the final stage requires gluing the fabric “stiffening” with textile glue. The dyeing process is absolutely non-toxic, and the dyes used by the service provider do not contain harmful substances.”

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Review Summary

We were very impressed with this coat's quality, and as I mentioned already. This is a coat for a niche use case, so if you are looking for a versatile jacket, this probably isn't it. At the same time, if your sport dog needs to wait in the cold regularly, we recommend investing in this coat so they can comfortably wait for their turn on training or competitions. The importance of keeping the muscles warm is underrated even though it plays a significant role in preventing injuries. It can also be an excellent choice for indoor use over the winter if your dog is chilly all the time.

As we mentioned before, Canelana has two other versions of the same design that you can check out if this coat isn't exactly what you are looking for. The Ambassador Wool Coat is made from a thicker layer of wool, while the Thermo Coat also has a soft-shell outer layer to make it wind and waterproof for outdoor winter adventures.

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Where to buy

You can buy all their products on their website. The coat comes in two colors and many sizes - they even have special sizing for Dachshunds and terriers (with an opening for the tail)!

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

Mia's measurements

Many of you asked Mia's measurements to understand the different products’ fit better. Your best chance of finding an excellent fitting gear is always to measure (and remeasure) your dog. Even we grab the measuring tape before getting a new product - even though we tested a lot of them and have a good feeling of her size by now.

I share her measurements below, but don't go ahead and order the same size just because your dog is similar to Mia ;)

• Shoulder height: 19.5 inches (50 cm)

• Weight: 37-44 pounds (17-20 kg)

• Widest chest circumference (where the most harness would have the chest strap): 25-26 inches (63-65 cm)

• Neck circumference for collars: 15-16 inches (38-40 cm)

• Back lengths: 22 inches (56 cm)

Canelana Lana Wool Coat Review | Dog Gear Review

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