Bloom DOG Design Collars Review

About Bloom DOG Design

Bloom DOG Design is a company making custom collars with different styles, patterns, width, rings and everything you can think of. :) They also have leashes if you want to order a matching one but their main profile is coming up with custom collars.

About the two types of collars that we tested

Let's start with this amazing, 4 cm (~1.5 inches) wide collar. If you take a closer look, you will see that it doesn't have a buckle! You only pull it over the dog's head and fasten it with the slider on the right side of the photo below. This makes the collar prettier and safer - since there is no buckle that could weaken with time. On the other side, it means that you have to adjust the collar every time you put it on the dog and I imagine that the material of the collar can wear out from the slider after a while. I don't see any sign of the latter so far though, it's a really nice and easy to use collar.

The only tricky thing with this collar is to figure out how to put it on the dog. This is not supposed to be a martingale type collar so if you put it on and the collar is not flat on the dog when you pull it with the leash, you did it the wrong way!

Bloom DOG Design made this other collar especially for Mia - I love how it's matching her colors and it also has a forest pattern on it reflecting our love for hikes. :)

This other type of collar has three layers and the D ring is attached to the middle one to put less pressure on the buckle when the dog pulls on the leash - in case you have a bigger dog and you are worried that one day the buckle could crack.

We actually have two different sizes from the same type of collar to show you how Bloom DOG uses different sized D-rings and buckles for the different sizes. The collar with the dots is 3 cm (1.2 inches ) while the other one is 4 cm (1.6 inches) wide.

I also wanted to point out the buckle on this collar. It's not just thin but it's also curved so it's not “sticking out” from the curve of the collar which is a nice little detail.

Review of the Collars

I used all these collars and was happy with them. They are all really pretty and hold up well so far. I feel that the “layered” collars with the buckles are more durable and they are collecting less mud and dirt while the material of the red collar with the “slider” is a little more sensitive. The thin buckles are easy to use and strong.

Where to buy

You can reach out to them through their Facebook site and get a quote for your unique ideas or check out their available products on their Hungarian website!

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