BELLA & PAL Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review


BELLA & PAL is an outdoor dog gear brand under Pallas Information Limited, a company based in Hong Kong. BELLA & PAL’s mission is to launch well-designed products with exceptional quality and affordable prices.

BELLA & PAL Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review | Dog Gear Review

The Details of the Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash

The Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash comes in one color and size but is adjustable between 5-8 feet (152-243 cm).

It is a versatile leash for many different use cases. It has a bungee section to absorb tugging and can be used as a hands-free leash, stationary tether, or car seat belt! It also has reflective stitching and a 360° rotating, heavy-duty, rustproof swivel alloy hook.

BELLA & PAL Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review | Dog Gear Review

There are two padded handles on this leash. There is one close to the dog before the bungee section for better control in busy environments, while the other handle is adjustable up to 51" (130 cm) to fit around your wrist/shoulder/waist.

BELLA & PAL Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review | Dog Gear Review

The seat belt buckle is in the leash’s middle, held in place by a bungee section when not in use. Based on the information provided by BELLA & PAL, the leash was crash tested, and there was only one breaking point: the buckle on the middle section, which is after the seat belt connection (not in use when the dog is buckled in). The maximum tensile strength of the leash is 230KG (507 pounds).

BELLA & PAL Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review | Dog Gear Review

Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review

The Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash has great functionalities and gives you plenty of different ways to set it up, then change it to fit the next adventure. It can be the perfect solution for someone switching between city walks, hikes, and car trips regularly and wanting an all-in-one leash to use for all these.

However, a product that’s good for many different purposes is usually not ideal for any specific activity, which somewhat describes this leash as well.

The plastic buckle and the seat belt clip in the middle make the leash hang low when used as a long leash, and it’s easy to end up dragging it around on a hike if you don’t consistently handle the length of the leash.

Having the bungee section between the dog and the seatbelt buckle means that the dog might still slam into the back of the front seat even when buckled in (depending on the dog’s size, weight, and of course, the car setup). The bungee section was placed here to provide more room for adjustment for the wrist loop, but this makes the seatbelt section longer than most other car safety tethers, even without the bungee part extending. If you want to use it in the car, check that the length will keep the dog safe.

I wish they would post information/report about crash testing and weight bearing in the product description since I couldn’t find testing reports online. We haven’t run into any quality or functionality issues so far while using this leash besides the clip is a little tricky to attach to the dog. I don’t have pullers, and they are not big dogs either, so we didn’t do much testing on the buckles’ strength.

To summarize, this is an excellent option if you utilize all its different functionalities, especially since it costs significantly less than most similar leashes on the market. I liked using it for city walks because the traffic handle is great for going through busy sections, while the full length is perfect for giving the dog more freedom to sniff in green areas.

BELLA & PAL Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash Review | Dog Gear Review

Where to buy

You can find the Ultimate 6-in-1 Leash in their online shop or on Amazon.

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