All Conditions Dog (ACD) specializes in creating versatile dog apparel that can be used in any environment, emphasizing style and innovation in their designs. They aim to provide stylish and functional gear that can withstand heavy use.

About the ACD Performance Dog Harness

The ACD Performance Harness is a thoughtfully crafted dog harness that combines functionality and comfort seamlessly. This harness has been designed with a focus on versatility and convenience, featuring a range of smart details that set it apart.

The first thing we notice on this harness is the neon accents that distinguish it from all other harnesses on the market. The metal D-rings are double coated with the neon color to add an extra pop to its look.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

One of the standout features of the ACD Performance Harness is its four-buckle design, which eliminates the need to slide it over the dog’s head. This makes the harness very easy to put on and take off, sparing you both from the hassle of awkward maneuvering. It also features a handle close to the neck in case you need to get hold of the dog quickly or support them on a trail.

The harness has four adjustment points to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. With two leash attachment points – one at the front for no-pull training and another at the back for regular walks – the ACD Performance Harness provides versatility, catering to various walking preferences and training needs.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

For those who want the dog to carry essentials during outings, the ACD Performance Harness offers multiple attachment options. Elastic straps, MOLLE webbing loops, and Velcro sections are placed on the back plate of the harness to accommodate extra gear or accessories, such as water bottles, small pouches, or a poop bag.

ACD also offers a Performance Kit Bundle that includes a 6-in-1 leash, a water bowl, a pouch with treat/waste bag dispenser and a drawstring bag for convenient storage for this all.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review

The ACD Performance Dog Harness is a well-made Y-harness that was turning heads both in person and online thanks to the neon accents that pop even better in real life. The sturdy outer material held up well during testing and has no fraying or any other material damage, even though Zulu is always zooming through the woods. The paint coating of the metal rings is expected to scratch off over time which is true for all coated carabiners/rings.

The inside of the harness is padded with a thick mesh material to provide comfort. The thick layers give a harness a sturdy feeling and make it rigid enough so it stays in place even when the leash is attached to the front ring. However, the black, padded back panel is not ideal for hot days as the heat gets stuck under it and can contribute to the dog overheating.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

There are two cons I wanted to highlight in this review.

The first is its fit. Although Zulu is a hard-to-fit dog with her narrow build and deep chest, but this harness sat too close to the armpits of all dogs I have seen it on. This can cause rubbing and chafing in the armpits over time and can also cause the dog to change their stride, resulting in joint issues down the road.

We have a detailed article on harness fitting if you want to read more on this topic.

The front section also has a wide “T” padding that goes over the shoulder of narrower dogs. This is less of a concern with this harness as the leash attachment point is closer to the neck, so the pressure on the chest will be distributed higher up if the dog pulls - it just makes the fit look a bit awkward on narrow dogs.



The other design con is that the no-pull ring sits too low on the chest to effectively rotate the dog back towards the owner as it is pulling the leg to the side rather than putting the turning force on the middle of the chest. An ideal point to place the front ring would be where the logo is on the chest plate.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

Altogether, I like the versatility of this harness, and the all-matching set with the neon additions is neat. The harness currently stays in place well even when the pouch/bowl is attached to the back, but that would change if the fit would leave more room around the shoulders for free leg movement. Adding anything to the back of a harness in an asymmetrical way always results in the harness rotating to that side and putting pressure on the inside of the opposite leg. This is more significant if the dog is off-leash, as the leash pressure would influence the rotation.

I like the four UTX Duraflex buckles as that makes it a lot easier to add it on dogs who are anxious/ gear-shy or if you need to add it over a bulky GPS collar.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

Functionality Review of the ACD Performance Dog Harness

  • No-pull correction: It has a no-pull front ring, which works reasonably well with the current tight fit as the harness doesn’t have room to slide up or rotate. It would be more effective in turning the dog if placed approximately over the chest bone, not between the legs.

  • Running/Biking: This harness is not designed for pulling. A harness needs to allow free shoulder movement even if the dog runs next to you, and the leash attachment should be placed farther back for better pressure distribution when pulling.

  • Hiking: The handle was excellent to support Zu or to grab while letting others pass us on the trail. The mesh padding soaks in water and takes a while to dry.

  • City walks: The ring closer to the neck gives you good steering power, which is handy in busy environments. The velcro panels allow you to add patches, e.g., if your dog needs more room or is in training.

  • Easy to put on/adjust: all four straps have plenty of room for adjustment, and all straps have buckles, so putting on the dog is easy.

  • Visibility: This harness currently only comes in black, but the neon accents make it visible!

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

Review Summary

In summary, a huge aspect of this harness’s success is how it fits your dog. All harnesses fit different dogs differently, so it might be a better option for your dog than for Zulu. Zulu deosn’t have a sensitive skin so we didn’t run into issues with chafing but I haven’t used it on long hikes where this could have become a problem.

The harness is well-made and feels study. I love the idea of mixing up the accessory colors on a tactical-style harness, and based on the incredible interest it generated, I am not alone with that.

Where to buy

You can buy the ACD Performance Dog Harness on their website. It currently comes in three sizes: S, M, and L, and Zu was wearing their small size.

As always, be sure the harness is a good fit for YOUR dog. If you need help deciding, read our article on harness fitting.

ACD Performance Dog Harness Review | Dog Gear Review

Zulu’s measurements

Many of you asked for the dog’s measurements in reviews to better understand the different products’ fit, so I’m sharing Zulu’s below for reference.

  • Shoulder height: 19 inches (50 cm)
  • Weight: 29 pounds (13 kg)
  • Widest chest circumference: 24 inches (60 cm)
  • Neck circumference for collars: 13 inches (33 cm)
  • Back lengths: 17 inches (44 cm)

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