About Us

What's this website for?

Testing dog gear and telling you all about it. Going for hikes and long city walks in all season, and see how the different gear holds up. Taking pictures from all angles and showing them to you. Reviewing the pros and cons of popular products but also finding small, unique companies you never heard of and introducing their products to you.

About Us

Hello there! I am Dori, and the dog on the pictures all over the website is Mia, my border collie. We are from Hungary but currently living in the US. We are excited to test and review different dog gear on our adventures and share our experiences with you along the road. 


Our Mission

We are passionate about writing unbiased reviews and answering all your questions about the quality, durability, and functionality of the different products! We are also firm believers that understanding the pros and cons of the products is crucial to pick the best one for your dog because that always depends on that dog, the owner, and their current needs. We are here to explain when and why each product could fit your needs so you can confidently decide it yourself after understanding all aspects of it.  


We received these products for free but never in return for favorable reviews or future benefits. We never received payment or other compensation for reviews of products. We do not use affiliate links when recommending a product. Everything stated here is our own, independent opinion and was not influenced by the sellers.



Our Review Process


Receiving the Product

Generally, we have a plan for products to be reviewed in the next season, but we are always happy to chat if you are interested in us testing & reviewing your product!



The products are tested for ~3 months to ensure we have sufficient experience for a proper review. While testing, we post about the different features of the products on our social media pages.



We usually give the company feedback about our findings before writing the review - especially if we discovered any quality or functionality issues.


Posting the Review

Once we feel that we have all the information we need, we write the review and publish it on the website.