About Us


How It Started

The inspiration for Dog Gear Review came when I struggled to find reliable reviews and guides to help me choose a good harness for my first dog, Mia. I tried a few that didn't fit well, so I wrote detailed Amazon reviews to help others. After a few weeks, I decided to start a separate review site, and Dog Gear Review was born!

Our Mission

We at Dog Gear Review are dedicated to providing unbiased reviews and answering your questions about the quality, durability, and functionality of various dog products. We believe that understanding the pros and cons of each product is key to finding the best fit for your dog, which depends on the specific needs of your dog, as well as your own preferences and lifestyle. We're here to help you understand when and why each product might be a good fit for your needs, so you can confidently make a decision after considering all aspects of it. 

How We Work

We receive products for free but never in exchange for favorable reviews or future benefits. As the website has grown, we've added affiliate links/codes to some reviews to help maintain the site and justify the time and energy we put into it. This allows you to support us without any additional cost to you. We do not except sponsored guest posts or paid link placements. Our commitment to honesty and independence will never be compromised because we earn from qualifying purchases through the Amazon Influencer program and other affiliate programs.

Our Review Process

1. Receiving the Product

We usually have a plan for which products to review in the coming season, but we are always open to considering new products. If you are interested in having us test and review your product, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

2. Testing

We thoroughly test products for about 3 months before writing a review to ensure we have enough experience with them. During the testing period, we share updates and features of the products on our social media pages.

3. Feedback

Before writing a review, we typically provide the company with feedback about our findings, including any issues with quality or functionality. This helps ensure that our reviews are as accurate and informed as possible.

4. Posting the Review

After thoroughly testing and gathering all necessary information, we write and publish our review on the website and share the review on our social media sites.

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