Didog Y-Front Harness


DiDog is a small company with only a few products and limited description on Amazon, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this harness, especially for this price. I have to say it was a positive surprise!

About the harness in general

This is a simple harness which actually works well. If you start looking into the details, you will see that it’s not as well designed as other, more expensive products on the market but it provides the same functionality and seems to be just as durable as the much more expensive ones on the market.

This harness comes in 4 sizes and 3 colors and has a soft, mesh material.

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Didog Y-Front Harness Review

As you see it on the pictures, the only adjustable part is the chest strap. This makes it a little hard to find the perfect fit because the neck part has to work for your dog’s body type and head size. Fortunately, it’s perfect for Mia, but I can see how this varies a lot by each dog. The other result of having only one buckle is that you have to lift one leg to put the dog in the harness which can be an issue for some dogs/owners. I like how this harness leaves enough room for the shoulder movement and sits just perfectly behind Mia’s legs - finally, a harness which is not sliding up on her neck when pulling forward neither to the side when walking on a leash but it’s not too close to her armpits.

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The small design issues I mentioned earlier are e.g., the angle how the back straps connect on the top. I can’t imagine a dog type where this would lay flat on the dog’s back, but this is really not an issue in practise unless it makes the fabric wear out faster.


I was more worried about the bone-shaped, weak looking plastic buckle on the chest strap. I haven’t had any problems with it so far, but I’m glad our life is not depending on it. This big buckle can also cause some issues if it is close to the dog’s armpits making bigger steps uncomfortable for the dog.

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Functionality Review

• No-pull: Nope, this is not going to solve your problem.

• Running/biking (as an irregular hobby, buy specific equipment if you want to get into it seriously): I would prefer a harness with wider straps and more padded parts also with the back ring attached farther back on the dog, but I guess you can use it to give running/biking with your dog a try before deciding to buy a more suitable gear.

• Hiking: I like it, it doesn’t restrict Mia’s movement and it’s visible. It only has straps so dries quite fast although the mesh material soaks in the water. It is also easy to put it under a coat which has a hole above the shoulder for the back ring of the harness. If your dog is a strong puller on hikes, I would go with a more padded harness or with one which has wider straps. Something to consider is that it doesn’t have any handle to help your dog up or just quickly grab her if you have to.

• City walk: I think it works pretty well for city walks for the same reason I describe above. The only downside is that it takes time to get the dog in the harness so, after the first few days of excitement over this harness, I ended up not using it for shorter walks.

• Easy to put on/adjust: wouldn’t say it is easy to put on and it does not have too many options for adjustments.

• Visibility: Good, it has bright colors and reflective parts on the neck part.

Subjective Summary

I am surprisingly happy with this product, it just feels good to use, stays in place nicely: doesn’t slide, doesn’t cut in behind her legs but it’s close enough to be stable. While I had to realize Mia’s color is not matching this pink, I like the bright colors and the simple design.

Where to buy

I found this product through Amazon, here is the link. The leash on some pictures is from Truelove.

The size chart of the harness is different on Amazon than the one we got and that worked for us, I’m not sure why they have a different chart on Amazon now.

Here is the other size chart for your reference, the harness on the pictures is size M.

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